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Spectra transforms its employee training with Enthral

written by Rashmi Prabhu February 12, 2024

In the fast-paced world of internet service provision, the backbone of success lies in the expertise and readiness of your workforce. From troubleshooting customer issues to driving sales growth, the right product and process knowledge can make all the difference.

For Spectra, a trailblazer in India’s internet service industry that has been revolutionizing businesses with its innovative Network as a Service (NaaS) and video analytics solutions, strengthening its clients’ business networks and solving their real-world problems was a key need. They wanted their 500+ workforce across 137 cities within the country to be equipped with the right product and process knowledge.

Building a knowledge-ready workforce

Enthral’s collaboration with Spectra aimed to cater to the diverse learning needs of its workforce, preparing them for the future.

Enthral’s mobile app ensured seamless learning opportunities anytime, anywhere, while its Role-Competency feature tailored training content to individual job roles, enhancing learning relevance. Integration with a 3rd party off-the-shelf eLearning content provider expanded learning resources, offering diverse content. Furthermore, Enthral’s exceptional customer support ensured smooth operation of the LMS, evolving from talent development to a comprehensive talent management solution, guiding employees through their growth journey from initial training to continuous skill development and career progression.

How Spectra Transformed its Learning Initiatives with Enthral

  • Enhanced Learner Engagement
  • Streamlined Talent Management
  • Integration with 3rd party off-the-shelf content
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Focus on Learner Engagement

During the height of cricket fever surrounding the World Cup, the Enthral team huddled with Spectra’s HR and L&D team for a brainstorming session. The objective was to harness the nation’s passion for cricket through Enthral’s gamification feature, enhancing employee learning in the process.

With creativity flowing, the ‘Spectra Premier League’ was conceived—a unique initiative marrying cricket enthusiasm with Enthral’s gamification expertise.

Here’s how this innovative approach revolutionized employee learning at Spectra:

  • Employees have transitioned from passive content consumers to active participants
  • Learning now occurs alongside healthy competition creating engagement
  • A culture of continuous learning and collaboration has emerged
  • Enhanced knowledge retention and comprehension among employees
  • Bite-sized modules under 10 minutes accommodate busy work schedules, promoting learning efficiency

Transforming employee learning using gamification in LXP is a great way to enrich your learner experience.

Outcomes with Enthral

Spectra’s collaboration with Enthral has had a profound impact on their business success, revolutionizing employee upskilling and learning methodologies. Through Enthral’s innovative gamification strategies like the Spectra Premier League, learner engagement soared, driving active participation and uptake of learning initiatives. Additionally, Enthral’s diverse course offerings broadened learning horizons, resulting in improved content completion rates across all users. Moreover, Enthral’s LMS streamlined talent management processes, serving as a centralized platform for talent development, from onboarding to career growth, ultimately enhancing employee experience, job satisfaction, and career progression opportunities at Spectra.

"Our strategic partnership with Enthral helped us in adopting and aligning learning initiatives with business goals and ensuring a seamless integration of new tools and processes through gamification. Spectra has prioritized enjoyable and continuous learning experiences to empower our workforce to not only keep pace with technological advancements but also contribute creatively to the evolving landscape. By fostering a culture of fun while learning, we have positioned ourselves for sustained success in the ever-changing digital era.”

Mridul Srivastava,Chief People Office, Spectra

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Rashmi Prabhu

A seasoned leader with 14 years of experience, Rashmi is AVP Presales - Learning Solutions and orchestrates seamless customer experiences. She is well versed with all facets of HR, from recruitment and training to development and assessment, and has a deep know-how of sales, pre-sales and project management too. With her wealth of knowledge, she brings a strategic mindset to her role. Despite a busy schedule, Rashmi often dedicates time to conduct workshops for specially-abled children, driven by her commitment towards inclusion and empowerment. In her spare time, she finds solace in the simple pleasures of life – immersing herself in the pages of a good book, cooking and travelling. Rashmi holds a post-grad degree in Counselling from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and a BTech in Electrical Engineering.

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