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ORRA Standardizes Sales Staff Training with Enthral

written by Danish Hussain May 9, 2024

In an industry as competitive as retail, the quality of service provided by frontline staff can literally make or break a store’s success!

Every time a customer interacts with the frontline sales staff, it is a chance for the latter to leave a lasting impression. Which is why, for a retail business, training frontline employees goes beyond just learning procedures. It is about creating amazing experiences for customers!

This is what ORRA Fine Jewellery, a legacy name in the industry with roots tracing back to 1888, achieved with Enthral. For ORRA, one of the biggest challenges lay in standardizing the learning experience for their dispersed sales staff across 93 stores in 39 cities.

ORRA’s Key Learning Needs

With a vision to become the country’s most trusted Diamond & Platinum Jewellery brand, ORRA aimed to create an ecosystem that embraced all its stakeholders. Their goal was to delight customers with products suitable for various occasions.

Central to achieving this dream was a highly competent and enthusiastic workforce. For this, the company was looking for a learning platform capable of effectively training its 1,400-strong sales staff, spread across its stores nationwide.

Its first need was to reach a mass audience of sales staff spread across geographically diverse locations. The staff needed regular training refreshers on the evolving product and process guidelines, as well as customer support and service regulations.

Secondly, limited manpower available for training was making it difficult to implement effective training programs. ORRA wanted to introduce options like eLearning that could substantially reduce the reliance on trainers and allow broader access to training for staff, unrestricted by the limitations of in-person sessions.

Finally, ORRA wanted to ensure easy access to mandatory modules crucial for staff training, covering critical topics like customer service, product knowledge, and safety protocols. This was essential for maintaining consistent service standards and compliance with company policies across all locations.

Achieving Unified Training Across Locations

To address ORRA’s training needs, Enthral’s feature-rich LMS emerged as the ideal solution. From facilitating easy and continuous learning to seamless integrations with ORRA’s existing Human Capital Management (HCM) platform, Enthral gave a holistic solution to ORRA’s training challenges.

With Enthral’s LMS, ORRA’s sales staff gained access to a diverse range of training content, covering topics such as product knowledge and customer service, ensuring engagement and knowledge retention. The seamless integration with the HCM platform simplified user data management and enabled personalized learning experiences.

Mobile learning capabilities offered by Enthral empowered ORRA’s sales staff to learn on-the-go, overcoming the limitations of traditional training methods. What’s more, Enthral’s dedicated tech support team ensured smooth functioning of the LMS which helped enhance performance with hassle-free access for all users.

How ORRA Standardized Sales Staff Training

  • Continuous learning to boost workforce performance
  • Robust platform integrations
  • Mobile learning for on-the-go learning
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ORRA’s Business Gains with Enthral

With Enthral’s LMS, ORRA empowered its staff with a self-directed learning experience. The benefits were substantial.

ORRA witnessed an increase in training uptake as Enthral’s user-friendly interface led to rapid platform adoption among users. Regular training sessions conducted by Enthral’s team further enhanced engagement while ensuring that ORRA’s staff remained well-versed in LMS features.

Enthral also equipped ORRA with dynamic tools for real-time training delivery that enabled its dispersed store staff to complete learning modules flexibly. With fresh training content regularly uploaded to the LMS, ORRA achieved improved completion rates and elevated knowledge levels which reflected in the easily accessible completion reports.

Lastly, Enthral facilitated just-in-time learning by providing easy on-the-job learning opportunities, allowing learners to engage independently with course materials whenever needed. This self-directed approach to skill enhancement empowered ORRA’s staff to take ownership of their learning journey. All of this ultimately resulted in a more agile and proficient workforce.

“Enthral LMS is an easy-to-access platform which provides remote access to Android as well as iOS users. Ease of module upload, assigning course to users, tracking LMS traffic through different reports and active user count are some of the features that make it a very useful tool.”

Aarti Nair RhaiChief Human Resource Officer, ORRA Fine Jewellery

“The Enthral backend team always provides timely support, thereby ensuring that the LMS performance is hassle-free. In fact, thanks to this support, the LMS can act as a ready-reckoner for any new or existing employee in the organization.”

Apneesh SinghSenior Manager- Capability Development, ORRA Fine Jewellery

Key Takeaways

The partnership between ORRA and Enthral showcases the powerful impact of innovative learning solutions in retail. By using Enthral’s robust LMS, ORRA tackled training challenges and promoted continuous learning among its staff.

Check out the full ORRA Fine Jewellery success story

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