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AI in L&D. AI in Enthral

The application of AI in learning and development (L&D) is not just an evolution; it’s a revolution. At Enthral, AI and Generative AI are part of our current LMS and LXP offerings. We remain dedicated to continually advancing our AI-driven solutions to ensure you have access to cutting-edge tools to thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

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Elevate learning experience and fast-track development of your learners as the LXP delivers content and learning paths aligned to their interest, skill gaps and behaviors.

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Reimagine the way you create, deliver and measure learning. With Enthral’s GenAI tools for L&D and HR teams, you can make time for greatness while the LXP automates your tasks.

Do more with AI for L&D

Assessment Builder

Generate assessments tailored to proficiency levels, utilizing content from within the platform or external sources.

Instant Insights

Get rapid executive summaries for research papers, learning topics, and compliance circulars.

Enhanced Employee Engagement

Get deeper insights for informed decision-making with AI-enabled survey and feedback analysis.


Just-in-time learning
made easy with
Contextual & Semantic Search

When your employees encounter unexpected tasks or challenges, they can instantly access resources such as quick cheatsheets and job aids within our system with a simple search.

These resources are carefully curated to provide employees the crucial support they require precisely when it’s needed so they can efficiently address the task at hand.

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Chart the Path To Success With Skills-Focused,
AI-Powered Recommendations

Design AI-powered career paths and journeys that align employees to lateral and vertical career moves within the business based on individualized factors, skills gap analysis, and career development

Drive workforce upskilling with AI-powered content recommendations based on individual learning patterns, preferences, and skill gaps

Do more with AI for Learners

AI Productivity Assistants

Deliver tailored assistance when learners need it with our AI Coach/Role Guru bots.

Sales Mastery Simulator

Elevate your Sales team’s skills with practice pitches for various scenarios.

Video Learning Enhancement

Enhance video-based learning with advanced features like indexing, searching, and transcripts.

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