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We are More Than a Company

Our Leadership Team

Asma A Shaikh
Co-founder and Managing Director

As the Co-founder and Managing Director at Enthral, Asma plays a pivotal role in the company’s mission to facilitate digital learning transformations across global enterprises. An expert in Solutioning, Operations Management, Business Development and Business Relationship Management, she leads Enthral’s Sales, Operations and Customer Success teams. Through her 25 years of experience in the learning domain, Asma has held leadership roles at several prominent ed tech companies. Prior to founding Enthral in 2009, Asma spearheaded the development of custom eLearning solutions, directed large teams and managed enterprise accounts based out of North America. Asma has a degree in Management from Symbiosis, Pune and is a Certificate holder as a Professional in Learning and Performance from the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD).

Sammir Inamdar
Co-founder and CEO

As the Co-founder and CEO at Enthral, Sammir provides strategic direction to the company’s Marketing, Product, and Engineering functions. With his cross-functional domain experience, Sammir has been instrumental in empowering global enterprises through digital learning. He is deeply passionate about driving workplace performance and development and embedding science-based principles in Enthral’s LMS and LXP. A Computer Science alumnus of St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, Sammir began his career as an animator, eventually venturing into entrepreneurship. His journey includes leadership roles in product and enterprise sales within the Edtech sector in North America prior to founding Enthral. He enjoys reading in his free time and is also a comic book enthusiast.

Punit Chandwarkar

As the Director at Enthral, Punit excels as an Intrapreneur, directing Enthral’s cutting-edge and transformative solutions. Renowned as the youngest entrepreneur since the age of 24, Punit has overseen software business operations, including establishment, operations and sales. Leveraging his experience in engaging with high-profile public sector clients, including Defense, Railways, Maharatnas PSU, Government Institutions, and State and Central Ministries, Punit leads Enthral’s Public Sector Division with distinction. Armed with a Bachelor of Engineering and a Post Graduation in Marketing, Punit has served the software industry for the past 15 years, introducing innovative and pioneering business concepts.

Our Values


Everything We do, We
do it for You

At Enthral, your success drives us. We tailor solutions to your needs, prioritize your success, and actively incorporate your feedback. Our personalized support and innovative features empower your learning and development journey, making your satisfaction and success our ultimate goals.

Total Ownership

We Demonstrate
Accountability, Always!

Accountability reigns supreme for us. It guides our actions, ensuring we remain responsible and reliable in all our endeavors. By embracing a culture of ownership, we ensure that your experience with us is seamless, and marked by trustworthiness.

Passion for work

Our Team Works for
Passion, not the Paycheck

We are not just a company, we are a team united by a genuine passion for our work. This passion infuses every aspect of our business, from crafting innovative solutions to delivering exceptional service. It’s the reason we persistently push boundaries, and exceed your expectations.

Our Advisors

Sanjay Advani
GTM Advisor

Sanjay is passionate about value creation through partner ecosystems and customer obsession. Over his 30-year career spanning GTM leadership roles at companies like Degreed, Intrepid Learning, Microsoft and Cisco, Sanjay’s teams have driven significant business impact by building a win-win for clients, partners and their company. Based out of the Seattle area, Sanjay currently assists Learning/Skills/Work tech companies with their global GTM and partnership strategies and execution.

Virender Aggarwal (VA)
Founder, TransformWithVA Pte Ltd.

VA has over 35 years of exp in running businesses, leading large organisations, consulting, and being a change catalyst. He has run Ramco Systems as CEO for ~10 years. He was President of HCL technologies covering JAPAC, MEA, and India with ~200 staff and managing half a billion USD in revenue. He currently consults for various SaaS companies on various aspects of Generative AI, Go To Market, Transformation, and Strategy.

Rajashree Varma
CEO and Founder of AffableBPM

Rajashree has over two decades of experience in technology, business, and alliance. A seasoned serial entrepreneur, she dedicated a decade to Microsoft, transitioning from engineering to the partner ecosystem. In 2009, she established a Microsoft-centric consulting firm, later successfully acquired by Xoriant in 2019. As VP of Alliance, Rajashree spearheaded strategies that elevated Microsoft Cosell revenues at Xoriant from zero to multi-millions within three years.


How do I know if we need an LMS or an LXP?

Starting with personalized consultation, we assist you in determining whether an LMS or LXP suits your organizational needs. Our consulting involves understanding your goals, analyzing your learning landscape, and providing tailored recommendations. We closely align your learning strategy with business objectives, ensuring the chosen solution supports your goals.

Is Enthral available as a single learning platform with LMS and LXP?

Enthral offers both LMS and LXP as separate platforms, allowing you to choose based on your specific requirements. However, for a comprehensive learning approach, you have the flexibility to seamlessly integrate them into an integrated learning ecosystem that combines structured training with personalized experiences, fostering holistic talent development and organizational success.

How does your platform support data security and compliance?

  • Enthral offers a secure learning environment with Single Sign-On (SSO) supporting LDAP, OAuth, AD, and other protocols, alongside OTP-based logins and advanced face identification.
  • Our platform is TLS 1.3 compliant and includes SSL/TLS encryption for robust security. We comply with ISO 27001, SOC 1, GDPR, and have imminent SOC 2 compliance, ensuring a safe and compliant learning space.
  • For pharmaceutical companies, we are also FAR 21 compliant.
  • Additionally, we are aligned with OWASP top 10 recommendations and support XAPI, SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, SCORM 1.2, and AICC for versatile e-learning standards.

Do you support Custom eLearning Development?

Absolutely, we offer custom eLearning development services. You can create courses using our versatile authoring tool by incorporating a wide range of content formats, including text, images, videos, audio, and interactive quizzes. Additionally, we offer seamless integration with industry-leading authoring tools like Articulate, Easygenerator, H5P, GoAnimate, and more, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. Collaborate efficiently with stakeholders to enhance content quality and drive effective learning across devices.

Do you have mobile apps for your LMS and LXP?

Yes, we offer native mobile apps for both our LMS and LXP, available on iOS and Android platforms. These apps provide an enriched and secure learning experience, allowing learners to access content and engage with learning materials even in offline mode, ensuring uninterrupted learning regardless of connectivity challenges. Our solution extends seamless learning to anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time

Are you open to customizations to your learning platform to fit our business needs?

Absolutely, while Enthral operates as a SaaS product, we’re open to assessing value-added customizations that align with your business needs. Leveraging our agile Continuous Innovation, Continuous Development (CICD) framework with 80% automated testing, we ensure rapid feature integration to enhance learning experiences and meet your evolving demands.

How are you using science-based principles in enhancing the LMS and LXP?

At Enthral, we leverage science-based principles to enhance our LMS and LXP offerings. By incorporating the principles of Focus, Relevance, Active Learning, and Consolidation (FRAC) alongside insights from neuroscience, we create learning experiences that maximize engagement, knowledge retention, and skill development, aligning your learning journey with cutting-edge cognitive learning science.

What level of support and training is provided for L&D teams?

At Enthral, we prioritize comprehensive support and training for L&D teams. Our services feature an advanced chatbot for end-user assistance and prompt bug resolution. Moreover, we offer in-depth training resources to empower L&D teams in effectively utilizing our solution for optimal outcomes.

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