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Rashmi Prabhu

A seasoned leader with 14 years of experience, Rashmi is AVP Presales - Learning Solutions and orchestrates seamless customer experiences. She is well versed with all facets of HR, from recruitment and training to development and assessment, and has a deep know-how of sales, pre-sales and project management too. With her wealth of knowledge, she brings a strategic mindset to her role. Despite a busy schedule, Rashmi often dedicates time to conduct workshops for specially-abled children, driven by her commitment towards inclusion and empowerment. In her spare time, she finds solace in the simple pleasures of life – immersing herself in the pages of a good book, cooking and travelling. Rashmi holds a post-grad degree in Counselling from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and a BTech in Electrical Engineering.

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