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AI LXPs: Reshaping BFSI Learning & Development Landscape

written by Asma A. Shaikh November 28, 2023

The financial landscape is rapidly changing, fueled by various factors including adoption of digital services, increased spotlight on enhancing customer experience, growing investments in advanced tools, and the overhaul of outdated systems. This shift has created a gap in the skills and expertise required to navigate this digital era.

In this background, for industries like the ever-evolving Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), staying ahead is not just desirable— it is essential. All BFSI institutions including FinTech, insurance companies, mortgage companies, NBFCs, and investment banks thrive on rapid changes, strict regulations, and a customer-centric approach. This means there is a constant demand for adaptation and innovation from organizations within the sector.

For them, investing in skill development and professional growth of their workforce is a necessity. Moreover, the business success of BFSI organizations is not limited to only training their payroll employees. It also depends largely on training their extended partners like dealership network, franchisees and retailers, direct selling agents, partners and affiliates and other such networks.

Enter AI-powered LXP — a transformative tool that strategically addresses skill gaps for sectors like BFSI, becoming a key tool to equipping professionals in the field with the essential competencies.

This blog looks at the pivotal role of an AI LXP in bolstering learning and development for the BFSI sector, enhancing training effectiveness and offering valuable data-driven insights.

The Need for Robust L&D in BFSI

Within the BFSI sector, having highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals is an absolute imperative. This industry is defined by its complexities, stringent regulations, and constantly changing customer demands. The ability of all major BFSI sectors to meet these challenges and offer exceptional customer service relies heavily on the expertise of its staff.

In general, BFSI organizations face a number of challenges that require them to create ongoing learning and training programs:

Frequent changes in regulations: Constant changes and alterations in financial regulations demand continuous adaptation to ensure operational alignment.

Compliance constraints: Stricter adherence to different regulatory requirements from bodies like FRM, FINRA, RBI, SEBI is necessary to avoid penalties and maintain trust and brand reputation.

Targeted Training: Evolving financial landscapes call for targeted workforce and extended partner training related to new technologies and market trends.

Dispersed learner locations: Geographically dispersed learners require tailored strategies for seamless communication, training, and unified operations.

Skill gaps analysis: Regular assessment of skill gaps is crucial to align training programs with the evolving demands of the industry.

Role of AI LXP for Training in BFSI Industry

An LXP is a new-age learning platform that consolidates various training functionalities into a single space. This user-friendly platform helps institutions in the BFSI sector to better facilitate their learning programs by conveniently creating and implementing effective training modules. Given that it’s crucial for companies in the sector to possess a well-trained and compliance-ready workforce as well as extended partners, an AI LXP fulfills the specific learning needs.

Moreover, all financial service organizations regularly invest significantly in product training programs, sales enablement, soft skills, process training, customer support training and channel partner training. AI LXPs stand out here, providing optimized solutions that reduce cost and time investments in delivering impactful learning outcomes. These platforms emphasize engagement, creating adaptive and revolutionary product training based on market changes.

An AI LXP comes with several features that offer benefits such as:

Personalized Training Solutions

LXPs that cater to the financial sector offer personalized learning plans and tailored training solutions for the unique requirements of the banking industry. This could include everything from streamlining onboarding processes, offering just-in-time learning resources, compliance training and certification for identified individuals, educating employees on new economic trends, sales enablement training or handling bank mergers by unifying employee training.

Continuous Compliance and Audit

For financial service providers, maintaining compliance amid ever-changing regulations is an ongoing challenge. With an AI LXP, BFSI institutions can swiftly implement training programs, ensuring robust compliance. Consequently, when faced with policy changes, mergers, or new regulations, an LXP offers a seamless mechanism to provide the necessary knowledge and support for compliance.

Learner Engagement & Satisfaction

An AI LXP facilitates seamless virtual connections, fostering collaboration and skill development among employees and partners. It creates a peer-to-peer learning environment encouraging active engagement and mutual contribution towards each other’s training endeavors. These interactions also significantly improve employee morale, amplifying learner engagement. This is especially important considering that the in-house workforce as well as extended partners need to be on the same page when it comes to products and services.

Skill Gap Identification

While skill-gap identification is important for all industries, the continuously evolving nature of the BFSI sector makes it even more crucial. An LXP can easily assess learners’ skill gaps by analyzing their performance and progress over time. Drawing from reports and analytics, this platform recommends diverse content formats like documents, videos and so on. For instance, an AI LXP makes it easier to curate a soft skills training program that is specifically tailored for profiles such as portfolio managers, wealth managers and similar roles to help them enhance their relationship building skills.

An Overview of LXP Features for BFSI Companies

Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

An LXP’s VILT feature allows training for a widespread workforce and to customize it for a greater number of learners, across multiple languages. Instructors can use it to enhance learner skills and disseminate critical information related to the latest market trends, industry shifts, specific skills, or product offerings – a key requirement for a dynamic industry like BFSI. VILT is also an effective approach especially for channel partner training which could oftentimes be remote or hybrid given their dispersed locations.

Content Management

The financial learning content can be in different formats from texts, images, audio files, video, and even VR. In addition, the content can be user-generated, third-party, or regular finance-related content. An LXP organizes all of this content on a single platform to support personalized learning which the users can arrange as per their preferences.

Mobile Learning in BFSI

The mobile compatibility of an AI LXP enables flexible learning to meet learners at their convenience, wherever they may be. This is crucial not only for on-field salesforce and insurance agents but also for C-suite executives or channel partners who are constantly on the move. Besides, features such as Gamification infuse interactive fun into learning, igniting motivation and fostering achievement.

Assessments and Certifications

For a regulated industry like BFSI, it is imperative to evaluate learning and track learner progress, while certifying course completion. With the Assessments and Certifications module of an AI LXP, it is easy to offer certifications to learners via automatically measuring skill development and validating achievements.

Social Learning

An AI LXP drives social learning, connecting learners with their peers as well as industry experts. This facilitates a vibrant learning ecosystem where learners engage and learn collectively, enhanced by social collaboration tools like group discussions, webinars, and discussion forums. Learners can even contribute their own content including articles, videos, podcasts, presentations, and more which turns them into proactive contributors elevating their learning journey.

Analytics and Reporting in BFSI Learning

An AI LXP provides detailed analytics and reports for deciding the further course of learning. The advanced reports help track skill gaps and create upskilling plans. For the BFSI sector, while ensuring a compliant workforce is paramount, the demonstration of compliance relies heavily on this detailed reporting. The Analytics and Reporting tool make this task effortless by offering reliable reports and insights. This holds particular significance in the context of Auditing, empowering organizations to generate and submit comprehensive reports on compliance to governing bodies.

Wrapping Up - AI LXPs in the Ever-Evolving BFSI Landscape

In the ever-evolving BFSI landscape, AI LXPs play a pivotal role in addressing skill gaps and helping the workforce adapt to industry changes. They facilitate ongoing skill development, ensuring compliance with regulations. As a transformative tool, AI LXPs revolutionize learning in BFSI with tailored learning paths and shared knowledge experiences.

Solutions like Enthral LXP are a perfect fit crafted to suit organizations of various sizes and structures in the BFSI space. Driven by AI, it focusses on learner and business needs, offering smart recommendations for targeted learning outcomes.

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